Creating and Managing a Client Account

Opening a Client Account
In order to make filings or search the registry notices, you must first establish a client account with the registry. This is easy to accomplish as it may all be done online, further there is no cost associated with merely establishing an account. Simply click on the link provided below and you will be taken to the appropriate online form. The online form collects account details such as name, address and contact information. You will also provide information regarding the primary account user login and password. TRN is also collected for primary user on the account. This is collected solely for the purpose of validating the account request. This number will not be displayed publicly. Upon completing the form and submitting it the account request will be reviewed by the COJ. The COJ reserves the right to contact you, using the contact information provided, in order to validate the account request. You will be notified via email, containing your account number, once the account has been approved for use. You will then need to fund the account either via a credit card or other payment option in order to perform fee-based transactions. You will need your account number to make payments through the COJ office to your account. Alternatively, you may login to the registry and directly make payments to your account using a credit card. Click here for instructions on how to process payments to the registry.

Adding and Managing Account Users
After you become a client of the Registry, the client account may have any number of individual authorized users (for example, attorneys, managers, loan or credit officers, accountants, etc.). These individual authorized users will be assigned their own user names and passwords. At least one of those authorized users will be designated as a client security administrator, which means that this user will have additional rights beyond those of general users. Those rights will include the right to add or delete other authorized users, and to update information about the client account (for example, an address change). The first user added on the account during account creation is assigned as the client security administrator by default. General users will have the right to register notices, search for notices and change their own passwords. A client is responsible for the security practices of its users and for all fees charged for transactions by its users.

Client Account Statements
The Registry will provide a monthly statement to each client on the Registry website, and will send an e-mail notification to the client that the statement is available. This monthly statement will contain information relating to account activity for the month, (e.g. notices filed and account balances at the start and the end of the month).The email notification will contain the statement as an attachment in PDF format. Only authorized users of the client account may view the statement. Any authorized user of the client account may view the client information, current balance and prior statements at any time.

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