How To Change Your Password

  1. When you are first assigned a temporary password by the Registry administrator and at any time you want thereafter, you may change your password by yourself, as follows.
  2. Go to the Registry website at
  3. Log in to the Registry website as a client by entering your login id and password in the top of the screen and click sign in.
  4. A Home Page will open which will contain a Change Password link.
  5. Click on Change Password to open the Change Password screen.
  6. Enter your old password in the first space, and enter your new password in the second and third spaces, as indicated.
  7. Click on the Submit button on the top left of the screen.
  8. If you made an error in entering either the old or new password, the system will give you an error message to tell you what you must correct.
  9. If the system does not give you an error message when you click Submit, your new password is in effect.
  10. You may log out by clicking the Logout button on the top navigation menu bar.
  11. It is advised that you change your password from the temporary password assigned by the Registry, upon your first log in.