How to Access the Registry Website

If you intend to register or amend a notice(s) of security interests or perform a search of registry notices, you must open a client account with the Registry. This will allow you (or your company or financial institution through its authorized users) to log in to the website to register notices, make any necessary amendments, and to search registry notices and request certified search reports. There is no fee to open an account.  
Fees are assessed for registering initial notices, some change notices, and some searches. Applicable fees may be reviewed on the Service Fees page under Help on this website. In order to perform fee based transactions on the site, you must pre-fund your account. Fees for registering and for requesting certified search reports are automatically debited against the pre-funded client account. Payments can be made online via a credit card or by cash or manager’s cheque to the Registry account through the National Security Interests in Personal Property Registry administered by the Companies Office of Jamaica.

To Set Up a Client Account
To set up a client account, return to the Welcome screen and select the How to Set Up a Client Account option. It will lead you to the Client Account application, which you can complete and submit on-line. The Registry will assign a number to your client account, which you must provide to the Companies Office of Jamaica if you are submitting payments directly to them.